Wednesday, August 27, 2014

My Chicago bucket list Fall 14

Finally, our tickets are booked!
On Sunday Sept 14th we will arrive in Chicago to start a brand new life!

Of course I will be kind of busy unpacking, arranging all kinds of paper work for myself and McLion jr, but hey: a girl needs to have fun too, right? So I have made this bucket list of TEN Chicago things I want to do this fall. And I want to share it with you to see if you have something to add (or delete!).

Here we go (in random order):

We are sooooooo gourmet! 

@ Art Institute Chicago 

And while we're there, we need to see this the Chicagoisms expo (until Jan 4th 2015) too of course! 

3. LEVEL2014 (Sep 11 - 20th)

If it is half as impressive as this photo shows, I will be taking A LOT of photos ... 

4. A Chicago Fire game 

So looking forward to attend a MLS game! 

Getting to know my new home town by walking: the best way, no?

6. Hyde Park Jazz Festival (Sep 27 - 28th)

Since we will not be in time for the Chicago Jazz Festival, we will simply have to try to at least see a couple of performances at the Hyde Park Jazz Festival, right? 

7. Chicago Film Festival (Oct 9 - 23rd)

Hoping to at least attend a couple of screenings ... and parties maybe ...? 

8. Stromae

A Belgian hero coming to my new home town ... surely not to be missed! 

Free access, we should go there every weekend, right? 

10. Spa visit

To prepare for the Chicago winter, one needs at least one decent spa visit, right?

Open to any of your suggestions! 

More things to see & do: 

Friday, August 15, 2014

Chicago for foodies


My second column is online and all about food, food ... and food :-)

You can read it here (in Dutch). Smakelijk!